Four reasons you should engage with your community

Community engagement is a two-way street that can deliver benefits not only to your organisation and project but more importantly the community and stakeholders directly affected by or interested in your project. 

Here’s the top four benefits we see when delivering community engagement:

Community buy-in and ownership of project outcomes, particularly when consulting, involving, collaborating with and empowering the community about project decisions that directly affect them.

Taps into community knowledge including historical, existing challenges, local needs and possible solutions. Not only does the community feel seen, heard and understood, but the project benefits from community insights and knowledge leading to better project outcomes. In our experience the community are willing to share great ideas when given the opportunity.

Builds trust between the community and organisation when done in an engaging and genuine way. This can also create new communication channels between your organisation and the community that didn’t previously exist.

Community networks. It’s not unusual for community engagement to bring people together for a project and create new connections within the community. This might be between community groups or even individuals who realise they are working towards a common cause.

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