We’re powered by Anawise, an Ai, Machine Learning and Automation tool that analyses engagement findings.

Don’t just analyse. Be Anawise.

Anawise analyses, themes and reports on insights and key findings across all community engagement inputs.

It collates and analyse open-text survey responses, submissions, email responses, pdf documents, live polling, videos, audio files and workshop notes.

Then it automates reporting.

Designed and tested by community and stakeholder engagement specialists, we know it cuts days and sometimes weeks off the difficult task of engagement reporting.

It makes us better, faster, and wiser at analysing and reporting community engagement findings.
This frees yourself to do what matters most – engaging with community and stakeholders for you.

Contact us to get help analysing and reporting your engagement findings

Articulous’ data team can work with your team on:

  • ^Specific engagement projects: We can independently analyse your engagement any findings and produce an independent report
  • ^Your organisation’s engagement: Let us help you to gather insights across multiple projects to pin point community insights and trends. Support your annual review processes and debriefs.

How we use Anawise for our clients

We upload our data into Anawise, and tell it any phrases not to include in the analysis like the name of the project.

We hit go.


Anawise then identifies:

  • ^Common themes from open text responses
  • ^Cross-tabulates comments against all demographics
  • ^Creates heat maps
  • ^Pulls out all comments relating to themes so can find them in one handy space
  • ^Identifies any form responses
  • ^Important insights including different opinions between different community groups, demographics and locations

Anawise produces 3 amazing deliverables:

  • ^A central dashboard we can work in
  • ^Instant graphs and charts with automatic descriptions of what we’re seeing
  • ^Pages of findings and reports
We then apply our human minds to make sense of what Anawise is telling us.

"This is my dream come true. Analysing community engagement findings has always taken so much longer than anyone realises. This will literally save us weeks of staff time."

Engagement specialist

“Yes, finally an AI tool designed for engagement.”

Engagement specialist