We know that engaging with people helps business and governments to catalyse new ideas, get crucial feedback and develop stronger and more productive relationships.

Put simply, being responsive to what communities want and need helps our decision makers to develop better projects, policies and programs, and to embed behaviour change.

Often the loudest voices are the ones who influence a project’s outcomes. We are passionate about ensuring that our engagement work involves the people who are most affected by any project. By putting people at the centre of our work, we ensure that we reflect the diversity in any community, provide equitable access to everyone who wants and needs to participate, and provide the support they need to be heard. We are so committed to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion that we wrote the industry-standard training on the topic.

Engagement services

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We provide advisory services on complex and controversial projects. We work with boards, senior executives and project directors to deliver evidence-based and well-reasoned advice.

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We design award-winning engagement strategies designed to meet clearly articulated purposes. Our strategies are co-designed with clients, and merge creativity with evidence.

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We engage to deliver lasting results. We are experienced across all fields of practice including digital engagement, deliberative democracy, dialogue, and experiential engagement.

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We bring people together using activities that respond uniquely to the group. From high-profile summits with the highest level of government, to community forums, and employee workshops.

Robust relationships

We build relationships so that positive results continue to build after we’ve gone.

We practice in the three distinct fields of:

Our work starts with gaining insights from data sources and existing knowledge. We then diagnose the real problem or opportunity, before merging creativity and evidence-based methodologies to achieve powerful and purposeful engagement.

We collaborate and co-design for deliberative engagement, as well as manage broad-scale and digital engagement.

It is through engagement that we change the way people think and act.