At Articulous, we have a deep understanding of consulting for federal, state and local government across health, community, infrastructure, planning and development.

We are respected by government partners for our:

  • ^senior staff with expertise in major projects, planning and science, along with specialist communications, stakeholder engagement and design skills
  • ^tactful and meaningful facilitation of stakeholders at the highest levels
  • ^integrity and independence in how we advise and build stakeholder respect
  • ^ability to grasp and communicate complex projects
  • ^high-level and detailed work on the planning, design and business case project stages of infrastructure including renewables, mass transit, light rail, water, energy, housing and more.

Partnerships that work

We have been proud partners of government departments and agencies in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and New Zealand. We know how critical is to ensure that the public understands how public money is being invested, and the value it provides to the community.

We build trust and respectful working relationships with senior executives, decision makers and elected officials. We provide our most senior team members to meet your most senior stakeholders and are appreciative and respectful in all our engagements. We are also flexible, adaptable, and responsive in working within the demands on staff at all levels.

Articulous has experience in working with government agencies on major projects, including our work on:

  • ^Queensland Open Data Policy
  • ^Queensland Renewable Energy Zones (QREZ)
  • ^Queensland Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport
  • ^Business Queensland
  • ^Victorian Metropolitan Waste Authority
  • ^Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  • ^Melbourne Water
  • ^Transport for NSW
  • ^NSW Department of Primary Industries and Environment

Our principles


we ensure our work integrates with existing strategies and policies of the department or agency, and the existing processes of other government departments


we work collaboratively with the team to quantify and understand whether projects meet industry needs or uses and what could be done to improve outcomes


we collect and analyse inputs to ensure the highest quality outcomes


we understand the demands of tight timeframes and strive to simplify complex information and streamline our work

we work to ensure that stakeholder and agencies’ priorities and values are identified and incorporated to ensure they reflect purpose and scope
Solution focused
through our engagement we seek out solutions, not just problems
we codesign the engagement approach, and deliver narrative elements iteratively to ensure we meet the timeframes and work within your constraints

Delivering outcomes that matter

Whether it’s a national energy policy, an economic development strategy, a state-wide education program, or a local planning scheme, a project that everyone loves, or a project people are protesting, Articulous understands how to build trust, reach consensus and achieve a unified vision with:

  • ^complex multi-level organisations
  • ^multiple stakeholders
  • ^conflicting views
  • ^complex needs
  • ^strict timeframes for delivery.

Ask us anything

Whether you’re midway through your town plan review or need community input on a new park, our team of planners, urban designers and communicators has the skills you need. Contact us today.