Disaster resilience and crisis communication

Articulous works with government agencies, industry sectors and private businesses to prepare them for their worst case scenarios.

We help organisations and industry sectors turn a crisis into an opportunity so they can improve the way they operate and return to business sooner following a disaster.

We work closely with clients to identify stakeholder needs and co-design, implement and test solutions they can use confidently.

Our work includes developing issues and crisis management responses and plans, bespoke industry crisis toolkits and delivering crisis communication exercises.

We have also delivered a number of community flood forums across Australia on behalf of the Insurance Council of Australia, the Queensland Inspector-General Emergency Management, Melbourne Water and local councils.

Issues and crisis communication

We’ve worked with all levels of government, ASX-listed corporations and multiple business sectors when they are in trouble to develop tailored solutions and communications to manage their reputation.    

This has included developing public information on COVID-19 health directives for the general public and key stakeholder groups at critical times throughout the pandemic.  

Crisis toolkits

Our comprehensive and easy to use digital crisis toolkits have helped multiple sectors and organisations to prepare, respond and recover from a range of crises and disasters.

Our award-winning crisis toolkits include a number of Australian firsts, including the Small business disaster hub website and app, the Tourism Crisis Communication Toolkit and the Queensland Shark Control Program Crisis Framework.

These resources provide a one-stop shop for different sectors to manage a range of crises, including tailored checklists, messaging, crisis tips and case studies.

Our Expert Crisis Team

Amanda Newbery

Amanda is an international award-winning engagement and communications expert who has led multiple ground-breaking projects. Widely recognised for her ability to quickly understand attitudes, perceptions and markets, Amanda leads a team of senior professionals at Articulous, the award-winning company she founded.
Amanda is a high-energy facilitator who can inspire innovation and deftly bring people to consensus. Her passion makes her a highly sought-after speaker.

Sue Monk

Sue’s expertise in crisis communications, media relations and disaster management is highly sought after. She developed Australia’s first comprehensive online Small Business Disaster Hub and award-winning crisis communication toolkits for a range of industries including tourism, small business, health and finance. She trains at every level across a range of sectors including tourism, emergency services, finance, small business, infrastructure, law, non-profit, government, mining and planning.

Tanya Neville

Tanya’s experience in urban design in Australasia has seen her manage earthquake recovery and direct planning for sustainable cities. Her inclusive leadership style makes her a highly-skilled facilitator and leader.

Crisis training exercises

Based on different organisations’ different needs, we also deliver crisis communication exercises to help agencies, government, industry and businesses work together and communicate better in a crisis.   

We also deliver customised crisis communication exercises, media training and small business disaster resilience training sessions for councils, organisations, businesses or individuals.  

All our training sessions focus on practical skills and real-life scenarios to fully equip your team to manage your reputation or a disaster.