Executive coaching

Communication and engagement skills have never been more important for successful leaders. Executives have never had more demands on their time and energy. Our Executive coaching services can help senior teams refine their leadership style, build strong relationships with their team and further develop critical leadership skills. Ultimately this helps to ensure successful communications and engagement outcomes for our communities and stakeholders. 

Our team has extensive experience working with senior staff at all levels of government and organisations. We specialise in climate change, planning and development, housing, agriculture, climate, major events, infrastructure, education, health and the business of local government service delivery. 

Our approach

We emphasise communication and engagement skills as crucial components to executive development. We focus on developing capability in the most appropriate way for individuals to ensure alignment with both professional development goals and organisational strategic focus. Our coaching develops professional capabilities, style and behaviours that create trusted leaders

We can design a tailored program to meet your own individual needs or program for your team or organisation’s leaders. We provide the opportunity to align this with your upcoming business goals, project work or major initiatives you may be working on. This can ensure professional development outcomes while moving your deliverables forward.

A path to successful leadership

Our coaching approach provides critical support at critical moments for senior executives in government and corporations. Our team has helped executives in Queensland achieve measurable results, including increased productivity for themselves and their teams, and improved communication and engagement with their stakeholders and communities. 

Preparing an organisation wide engagement strategy?

We can coach you through every step of your strategy development process, to help you expand the engagement capabilities of your team and your entire organisation. With personalised support to help you identify organisational challenges, opportunities and strategies to advance your engagement capabilities.

Our services

Communication skills development

Our communication coaching helps senior executives to communicate more effectively with their teams, stakeholders, and customers.

Leadership coaching

Executives need highly developed leadership skills. Our leadership coaching focuses on developing those essential skills and competencies for working with fellow executives and elected representatives. We help you explore collaborative decision-making, team management, conflict resolution, and change management. We also explore your personal and professional growth areas for what you need to be successful.

Engagement strategy development

An engagement strategy aligned with organisational goals is critical to both long- and short-term success. We can coach or facilitate teams to develop and embed engagement strategies and frameworks within your organisation, no matter how complex and nuanced the setting.

Team building and collaboration

Our team building and collaboration coaching helps build strong relationships and improve team collaboration by addressing conflicts, encouraging open and active communication and developing team dynamics. We link individuals in a team to a shared purpose and your overarching business goals, so your staff feel connected to the organisation’s successes.

How can we help you?

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