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As Australia continues to respond to the lessons of COVID-19, we’re acutely aware of your need to reach community members and stakeholders in new ways.

Because in times of crisis, people need and expect more communication and more engagement. Our ability to keep in contact with people can be critical to their welfare, and for sharing crucial information.

We know how to digitally engage with stakeholders and communities

Articulous has been digitally engaging with clients and stakeholders for many years. In fact, we wrote the industry-standard digital engagement training program in the early 2010s. In 2021 we ran live digital forums across regional Queensland on recycling, across NSW on flying foxes, and across Australia for the National Digital Health forum.

We’ve developed online games, crisis management portals, an online film competition, and campaigns that have actively engaged 10% of a city population.

Leading global standards

We have also been involved in developing global standards for civic innovation using technology by governments.

Together, we can help you continue to connect with communities in a way that’s safe and which attracts the right attention.

Online and digital services

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Engagement and communication
  • Strategy development and planning
  • Online engagement strategies
  • Virtual engagement facilitation
  • Independent analysis and reporting, using Ai and specialised software
  • Live data analysis
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Crisis management
  • Crisis management strategies and crisis handling
  • Crisis desktops – delivered virtually
  • Message development
  • Media management
  • Creative and Interactive design
  • Public education and communication campaigns
  • Website or digital information portals
  • Develop digital engagement tools to increase participation
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  • In-house or online
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Facilitating the Tough Stuff
  • Digital and online engagement
  • Engagement for elected officials
  • IAP2 Certificate of Engagement
  • A range of masterclasses in: Codesign, Advisory groups, Evaluation, Digital facilitation

Industry-leading techniques

Articulous has always been at the forefront of digital innovation. Even before COVID-19, we had years of experience running live digital engagement activities nationally – so our techniques are tried and tested.

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Virtual information sessions and workshops

No matter the topic and format, we have you covered. Our team are experts at facilitating the flow of conversation in digital workshops, play zones and scenario planning in Zoom and Teams.  Information sessions can be topic- or location-based so people can choose what they are most interested in hearing more about.

Live polling

Live polling is anonymous, making it a powerful tool for encouraging more open and honest discussions in both face-to-face facilitation and virtual meeting spaces. It allows participants to hear a range of perspectives from different community members – including those who may not normally share their views and opinions in front of a group.

We’ve used this successfully with many controversial projects.

Virtual and augmented reality

We can help you develop virtual and augmented reality activities that ask people to explore and learn about a space in 3D, and we can get them to answer surveys or plot their ideas within the space.

Online open house

An online open house simulates the face-to-face experience we create at an open house or during an interactive community display. It creates an informational and relationship journey for participants to gradually share information in a well-sequenced way – stepping participants through project information and creating well-informed submissions from the community.

Social media to meet your engagement objectives

We can combine our expertise in engagement and social media marketing to help you better connect with your community and stakeholders. Our team can:

  • ^Design and deliver a social media campaign that will take your community engagement project to the next level.
  • ^Assist in the management and moderation of your platforms to maximise engagement.
  • ^Use paid marketing to help you connect with your target audiences.
  • ^Develop a social media strategy that will ensure the continued success and growth of your online platforms.

Establish your online presence

Who is visiting your website? What is their journey? What are they interacting with? How can you increase the value of their interaction and create more meaningful engagement?

These questions are critical to any business that wants to have an impact online, and we can help you find the answers.

Our team of digital experts deliver more than numbers and a report. They will transform data into a story about your website and user experience, then provide clear recommendations for strengthening your online presence, engaging your audiences, and accessing new networks of people.

If you’re looking for help on the content side, we have you covered there as well. Some of the services our team can provide include:

  • ^Audit your website content and search engine optimisation (SEO) performance, with recommendations to improve your online presence and Google search rankings.
  • ^Craft compelling written content that tells a story and enhances your SEO performance.
  • ^Work collaboratively on a new website or a creative refresh of an existing site to deliver a platform that truly reflects your brand.
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Our work

Some of our online and digital services projects.