Local government

No longer just responsible for roads, rates and rubbish, local governments across Australia are being asked to do so much more with so much less.

They deliver principles, policies, laws and services for the good of their residents, and not just for the good of the loudest voices, the most active keyboard warrior, or the most frequent complainant.

From project inception through to evaluation and recommendations, we’ve been a proud partner to many local government areas across Australia and New Zealand. We know:

  • ^the pressures councils face as they seek to meet the ever-changing needs of fast-growing communities
  • ^how to focus on the human element of any project to gain community attention
  • ^how to build positive engagement and communication around the things that matter most to councils and the communities they serve.

We’ve helped communities come together to agree on a shared vision for their future or working with local businesses on a plan to grow the economy or recover from a natural disaster, our team of local government specialists help councils develop solutions to highly complex, traumatic and contentious issues.

Supporting data-driven decisions

Our work helps generate community insights from a broad representative sample of people in your community.

Our understanding (actually, love) of data can help councils understand their community’s values and give them the information they need to balance competing interests and deliver successful projects.

When a council understands the genuine needs and aspirations of their community, they can deliver outcomes that work for the majority.

Training your staff

Successful project delivery relies on great stakeholder relationships. While we’re highly skilled at identifying and building key relationships, your staff can support successful delivery of your council projects with every stakeholder interaction.

Our team’s senior IAP2 licensed trainers can ensure your staff have the right skills in place to build and maintain critical stakeholder relationships for every project.

We can tailor-make training for your staff in-house or offer the certified IAP2 Australasian Certificate of Engagement.

Broad practice areas

Our internationally-awarded work spans our practice areas of communication, engagement, creative, training, online + digital, and digital.

Ask us anything

Whether you’re midway through your town plan review or need community input on a new park, our team of planners, urban designers and communicators has the skills you need. Contact us today.