Stories of our Regional and Remote Communities

Travelling into regional and remote communities earlier this year I was told many stories of heartbreak resulting from devastating natural disasters.

Like one person’s plight to shift 1000s of dead cattle off a property devastated by flood waters. Not only did they lose their cattle, they also lost their income, prosperity and future.

But when things felt hopeless, the wider community pulled together to help one another by clearing land, providing food and shelter, and simply being there to listen and support.

Or another person who had to hide under a mattress in their house alone as cyclonic winds circled around them, terrified and unable to call for help.

When the weather cleared this person was offered support from a neighbour to clear their house and yard. The result was a friendship that remains strong to this day.

While these touching stories paint a picture of loss, fear, and hopelessness, they also highlight the true resilience and selflessness of people and communities.

People working together to get others back on their feet. Showing true kindness, understanding and willingness to help.

It’s stories like these that won’t be forgotten.

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