Health and Aged Care

From preparing the Queensland community for the second wave of COVID to helping residents in aged care communities co-design redevelopments, Articulous has extensive experience in helping people to deal with health challenges.

We thrive on tough projects and tight deadlines, which often feature in health-related projects.

We’ve worked nationally, with state authorities and with individual hospital and health services, at senior executive level and with community.

We’ve helped transform health systems to meet rising demand, facilitated residents’ involvement in the redevelopment of aged care facilities, developed strategic plans, evaluation programs and Ministerial transformation projects, and co-designed innovations and health responses to COVID.

Data-driven decisions

We don’t just get data. We love it. We work with you to identify what data you need to inform your critical decisions. Our specialist in-house team collects and analyses that data to  provide deeper insights and evidence-based reports.

We are exemplary in reaching much broader audiences beyond the usual suspects. We’ve created apps, games, avatars, and interactive tools that engage people who might otherwise not be reached, but whose insights can shape your project in important ways.

Supporting your project’s success

We have a proven track record of supporting state agencies to develop system-wide processes that improve efficiencies. Working in partnership with your staff, we are flexible, responsive and tactful in dealing with the sensitivities of consumers in the health system.

Our experience extends to advanced life planning, strategic planning for mental health, alcohol and other drugs, national digital health, capital works plans, benchmarking consumer sentiment, and health and wellbeing engagement. At every step, we make sure that stakeholders’ concerns and aspirations are understood, considered and reflected in managing and mitigating impacts.

Training and coaching your staff

Frontline staff are often the face of health and aged care. Our training can help them to manage difficult conversations and relationships with stakeholders across your organisation.

Our team’s senior IAP2 licensed trainers can ensure your staff have the right skills in place to build and maintain critical stakeholder relationships for every project. We can also deliver bespoke training, coaching and mentoring programs for your team

We can tailor-make training for your staff in-house or offer the certified IAP2 Australasian Certificate of Engagement.

Ask us anything

Contact us to discuss your health or aged care project. We’re confident that our team of communications professionals has the skills and experience you need to deliver your project successfully. Contact us today.