Water infrastructure 

Articulous knows that with no water, there is no life. Instability from climate change means that communications, infrastructure and behaviour all influence the longevity and safety of Australia’s water supply.

And more: water is the core of much of our lifestyles. From the world-renowned coasts of Western Australia to Queensland, water is the centrepiece of so many of our hobbies, holidays and homes.

Work that bridges conversations

We have worked with many of Australia’s best known water authorities and management agencies, like SEQWater, Melbourne Water, Queensland Urban Utilities, and the NSW Dept of Primary Industries and Environment Water Group. And we’ve worked with communities in urban, regional and remote areas to increase community awareness about water capability so we understand their water values and aspirations for water security.

Our experience in the water sector has taught us both the language of the industry and the community, allowing us to be a bridge between water suppliers and Australians. We have collected and analysed the qualitative and quantative data to know what water means to the community and what they envision for the future of water in their local areas.

Whether it is classic advice such as taking short showers, all the way to understanding how to improve flood preparedness in your home, our communication and engagement practices are respectful, productive and supportive.

Wise water management fits in the middle of our behaviour change skills and our passion in climate change. Articulous’ vision is people  prepared for the water challenges of the future.

Facilitating vital conversations

We have facilitated forums in Lismore, Brisbane, Ipswich, Gympie, Eugowra, Maribyrnong and many other communities who have seen firsthand the impact of more extreme weather events. Their experiences have highlighted the importance of strong communications before, during and after flooding. And their experiences have informed reports to Parliament and influenced the way authorities respond to extreme weather events for decades to come.

Our work has included increasing our community’s understanding about the challenges, water uses and the water sources we access, including:

  • ^desalination
  • ^purified recycled water
  • ^decentralised schemes
  • ^demand management (including restrictions and behaviour change).

We have informed the community about challenges and collaborated on possible solutions so we can help our clients make the best possible decisions. 

Our experience gives us the privilege of directly hearing how the community wants – and needs – to be communicated with about these crises, and our complex relationship with water.

Preparing communities means ensuring that our water infrastructure can support growing populations in times of uncertainty; it is well managed and individual behaviour changes are made to responsibly manage water use.

Be it droughts or floods, we understand how to engage with the people affected to develop an effective plan for resilience.

Our projects

Some of our water infrastructure projects.

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