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Course overview

Online wherever you are. 20 participants only.

Facilitating the tough stuff in Engagement. You know the drill: you’re facing 70 angry people in a room who all want to let you and your project team know exactly what they think about the proposal.

All you have is a white board and your skills.

Can you get the outcome everyone needs and make sure the community feels heard and listened to?

This course can help you do exactly that. While we can’t promise everyone in your room will be happy, we can promise that you’ll upgrade your facilitation skills and be prepared for those challenging and complex situations.

In Facilitating the Tough Stuff we’ll unpack the facilitation skills you need for success in increasingly complex and demanding groups and changing dynamics, without losing control of the project or the engagement process!

You’ll practice your own facilitation techniques through live simulations that get you thinking on your feet, as you’re immersed in real world scenarios. Plus individual coaching and guidance on the adjustments you can make to ensure you – and your participants – are heard.

By the end of this course, you’ll:

  • ^Know the skills, attitudes and self-management strategies you need to be a successful facilitator
  • ^Understand and experiment with your own natural facilitation style
  • ^Explore your facilitation strengths challenges such as body language, pace and tone
  • ^ Identify how you will respond to heightened emotions in others such as anger, trauma and fear and
  • ^Experience a boost in your own facilitation confidence, through trying out and testing different approaches
  • ^Have more awareness of your own areas for development

Best-practice theory alongside tools and practice. You’ll:

  • ^Explore theoretical facilitation models – and practice using them
  • ^Know how to anticipate and plan for tough facilitation
  • ^Setup the outcomes your client needs
  • ^Understand what is and isn’t negotiable in any facilitation and how to address them
  • ^Know what skills and processes you need to move groups to solutions
  • ^Be able to apply out-of-the-box thinking using improvisation
  • ^Choose the tactics to reach solutions as a group

Who is this course for?

Anyone who needs to develop or enhance their skills in facilitating the tough stuff, whatever field you work in.

Ideally you’ll have some experience with facilitating groups of any size and know you want to improve the outcomes.

If you’re not sure, get in touch with us.


This course is delivered online over one day.

  • ^8:30am – 4:30pm (includes 30-minute technical onboarding and breaks)
  • ^Online delivery using Zoom (you can join online and don’t need to install anything)
  • ^Training scenarios
  • ^Course material including the templates and tools for each stage

Cost: $695

What makes this different?

You’ll experience tough-stuff facilitation as close to real-world as it’s possible to get in a training environment:

  • ^1-to-1 coaching-style format so you can practice and improve your own facilitation style and techniques
  • ^Immersive scenarios where you have to think on your feet, and address the facilitation dilemma the same way you would in a real setting
  • ^tough topics – yes, the kind you’d face in a real facilitation in a safe environment.

This course goes further than any other course we know of, to build your skills and grow your confidence. You’ll leave with really practical tools that you can use immediately.

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Training participants say…

Yesterday I went to bed later than I am used to. Not because I had insomnia, but because I was participating in the brilliant #digitalengagement webinar
promoted by Articulous Communications in Australia, and lead by Alice Sherring.

I have to say, it was amazing!! It made me change my way of understanding digital engagement. I now believe it CAN be as powerful as offline #communityengagement. It can even produce better results, especially for engaging with #GenZ and for effectively “meeting people where they are”.

Let’s be clear: digital engagement is NOT only #Zoom and #SocialMedia. I’m impressed with the strategic view of the digital engagement tools presented
in the webinar.
I can’t wait to know more about it! Alice and Articulous Communications,
thank you very much for this experience!

Aline Faiwichow Estefam - Training participant

“Highly recommend Amanda – she was a fabulous, engaging and informative tutor, very engaging and is the best facilitator I have had throughout the engagement certificate units.”

“Excellent experience exploring, revisiting and considering how we engage with and reach hardly reached groups!”

“Relatable, incredibly knowledgeable, willing to indulge in specifics that made sense to councillors, let us have the freedom to explore our own ideas but kept us on track.”

Training participant

“Eye and ear opening. A string of valuable questions asked that push your boundaries, sometimes uncomfortably, but with real meaning and lessons learnt.”

Trainers Alice Sherring and Amanda Newbery sitting on the couch

Your trainers

Alice Sherring

With more than a decade of experience developing innovative stakeholder engagement strategies for complex projects, Alice is a highly sought-after facilitator, trainer and strategist.

An experienced trainer, Alice is known for her ability to clearly articulate and explore complex concepts and problems with diverse groups. Alice has provided executive coaching services for managers and executives in Queensland.

Amanda Newbery

Amanda is an international award-winning engagement and communications expert who has led multiple ground-breaking projects. Widely recognised for her ability to quickly understand attitudes, perceptions and markets, Amanda leads a team of senior professionals at Articulous, the award-winning company she founded.

Amanda is a high-energy facilitator who can inspire innovation and deftly bring people to consensus. Her passion makes her a highly sought-after speaker.

Amanda Newbery and Alice Sherring from Articulous Academy, standing in front of a grey wall with a decal that says 'work that matters'

Articulous Academy Alumni

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Articulous Academy Alumni is growing group and you receive special goodies:

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  • ^And more – we're planning new goodies all the time!