Infrastructure capability

Articulous is a reliable partner for high-profile, controversial and time-sensitive infrastructure projects. We manage community expectations and bring a fresh take on how to communicate your projects to deliver the best outcome for stakeholders – often around competing stakeholder interests.

We’ve worked on some of Queensland’s biggest infrastructure projects which include: Cross River Rail, Sunshine Coast Mass Transit, the Queensland Transport Strategy Plan, and the Logan-Gold Coast High-Speed Rail project, just to name a few.

With a strong reputation for innovation, dependability and on-time delivery, we are honest and forthright, giving our clients the feedback they need to hear and offer solutions improvement.  We understand that gaining public interest can be tricky so we aren’t shy about putting in the hard yards, ensuring our key messaging is clear. We usea mix of traditional and leading-edge technology to get your information to the right stakeholders every time.

Our project managers have extensive experience in planning, urban design, communication and engagement. Whether we’re contracted externally or have staff embedded in your team, we provide full wrap-around support  so they can solve problems quickly and effectively.

Stakeholder analysis and engagement

Successful project delivery means that you need to know who your critical stakeholders are, when to engage with them, and how to do that in the most effective way. We’ve worked on internal engagement projects in complex multi-disciplinary organisations and externally with a broad cross-section of the community which means we have the experience, knowledge and foresight to handle your project.

Our engagement strategies are so effective that we regularly engage with many more stakeholders than project teams initially expect. In fact, one of our engagements enrolled 150,000 people, and won an international award. We synthesise all inputs into a detailed sentiment and values analysis to help project teams make data-informed decisions.

More than engagement plans

Of course, we deliver the data-based engagement plan. But we also deliver long-term strategies to deploy urban, regional and rural activities to support project milestones along with the evaluation frameworks to make sure you’re achieving the outcomes you’re looking for.

We also deliver a full range of outputs which includes:

  • ^Workshops to define key messaging and desired outcomes
  • ^Content and materials to support in-person and digital engagement and communications
  • ^Delivery of innovative digital tools
  • ^Community consultations such as surveys, forums, workshops, roundtables and briefings, tailored to the project and community’s needs
  • ^Logistics of staging events
  • ^Project websites and engagement hubs
  • ^Media and social media strategies
  • ^Advertising strategies
  • ^Data collection methodologies
  • ^ Issues registers
  • ^Engagement and consultation reports including interactions records

Training your staff

Successful project delivery relies on great stakeholder relationships. While we’re highly skilled at identifying and building key relationships, your staff can support successful delivery of projects with every stakeholder interaction.

Our team’s senior IAP2 licensed trainers can ensure your staff have the right skills in place to build and maintain critical stakeholder relationships.

We can tailor-make training for your staff in-house or offer the certified IAP2 Australasian Certificate of Engagement.

Ask us anything

Whether you’re ready to roll out a major infrastructure project or are still exploring feasibility or need help reaching the people who need to be part of the solution, our team of planners, urban designers and communicators has the skills you need. Contact us today.