Every voice matters

Our team of highly experienced facilitators knows how to manage and de-escalate situations of high emotion and anger. Whether it’s a small group of invested stakeholders or a large, traumatised community, our constructive and outcomes-focused approach means we build rapport, relationships and group capacity to tackle the most complex problems.

We know that the loudest voices are often the ones most heard. Our people-centred approach means we pay attention to the people who don’t usually speak, and create opportunities for them to share their views. We aim to achieve quality, constructive dialogue in a constrained timeframe.

Face-to-face facilitation

We are experienced in and regularly facilitate sessions with:

  • ^deliberative democracy.
  • ^working with conflict and highly controversial topics.
  • ^conflict engagement – we know how to contain the conversation before it boils over
  • ^online facilitation to help people spell our their vision and views.

Yes we do digital

We literally wrote the training on digital engagement for IAP2 Australasia in 2014. In fact, we were leading digital engagement before COVID-19 and running live digital facilitation nationally. So our techniques are tried and tested, and our facilitators know their playing field.

Our digital facilitation is:

  • ^interactive and engaging to create interest and stimulate discussion
  • ^meaningful to reflect community experience through content and imagery, and enhance understanding
  • ^people-focused to ensure participation is positive and everyone is heard

And yes, we do hybrid

Hybrid engagement has become a buzzword, more so since COVD-19 sent us all into lockdown. People are working from home, bosses are struggling to get them back into the office, virtual events are normal and even expected.

But even before lockdown, engagers were combining online and in-person audiences. COVID gave us all the opportunity to understand the value it offers. Video conferencing software and online collaboration tools leapt forward. People just got more comfortable with the virtual experience.

We’ve been doing hybrid engagement since 2014. We know how to engage people in the room, and ensure the people online have an equally valuable experience. Ask us how hybrid engagement can increase your reach, reduce your costs, and improve your project’s transparency.

Our experience

Some of our experience includes:

  • ^Seeking consensus for all council Mayors and heads of planning across the state via engagement workshops on how to develop a communication campaign around planning basics for the public
  • ^Delivering flood recovery forums in flood affected areas for industry and government bodies, working with highly-traumatised stakeholders
  • ^Developing and delivering an integrated communications and engagement plan to seek feedback and ideas for a coastal mass-transit system
  • ^Assisting the Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet business roundtable roadshow to identify infrastructure priorities for funding around Queensland