We are award winning leaders in community and stakeholder engagement, employee engagement and customer engagement. Our expert staff are confident and experienced facilitators who can bring consensus to groups in any community.

Online + digital

We know our clients are adapting to deliver their engagement or communication projects when people are practising social distancing. Articulous is a leader in digital engagement with stakeholders and communities. You could almost call us pioneers: we started working this way in 2012.


We specialise in communicating with strategic intent. We explain complex projects, help you prepare for, respond to and recover from a crisis, manage reputations, and develop communication strategies so you can reach the right people. 


We are IAP2 licenced trainers and course developers. We deliver courses in-house for clients and run online courses to support engagement professionals who want to upskill. We also develop specialised training for clients.


Our inhouse award-winning creative team develops the full range of communications collateral to make sure your message cuts through. We use the latest digital tools to strengthen your message and reach new audiences.


We know how to gather, analyse and make your data show you deeper, more meaningful insights to help make your project’s outcomes more successful.

We work across

Economic development

Local, city-wide, regional and state-wide.

Innovation and technology

Smart cities, digital economies, commercialisation, organisational innovation


Renewable energy and innovation is changing how we live.


Local, state and federal

Natural resources

Water, waste, utilities and sustainability.

Health and Aged Cares

Needs assessment, mapping service delivery, infrastructure, expansions.

Online + Digital

Programs that challenge traditional businesses and respond to the new knowledge-based economy.

What's the difference between Communication and Engagement?




Communication is about connecting with people by sending them information. We believe you should do that boldly, creatively and with a strong focus. It’s about selling a message or creating understanding.



Engagement is about engaging the community, staff or customers in problem solving or decision making. It’s focusing more on listening to what others need and then incorporating that into what you do – whether that’s government policy, a private sector project, in your business operations or the products and services you offer.

We’ve used a blend of communication and engagement to: