Building resilience

Resilience comes in many forms, whether it be discovering new skills, building new relationships, being more informed, taking decisive action or working with people who share common goals.

Having worked in several regional areas across Queensland in 2020, one thing that always stood out was the desire and willingness to build resilience, tackle adversity and recover as fast as possible. Communities that continued to face ongoing hardships such as natural disasters, or health related issues, but that supported strong alliances to give themselves the best chance of recovery long term.

And it has been through engagement that we recognise our communities’ strength of resilience.

Resilience to them is about understanding, preparing, contributing and incorporating innovative ideas or solutions to make things easier – and supporting each other.

We were able to engage to draw out and test ideas and find common ground. Often this resulted in new relationships and a shared understanding of responsibilities.

2020 could be seen as a year of challenges, but it was also a year of building resilience and harnessing skills that communities have practiced for a long time.

Written by Amanda Newbery
Articulous is led by founder and managing director Amanda Newbery, an award-winning communications and engagement professional. She has made a career of tackling difficult projects across Australia. A passionate and experienced communicator, she has worked with some of the country’s largest organisations and government organisations nationally. She is a sought-after issues and crisis advisor, especially for major corporations.