Moving beyond the loud voices with live polling


So you’ve heard about live polling and maybe you’ve even used it. Maybe you’re using it to help amplify the voices you usually don’t hear? Let’s explore what else might be possible.

Live polling can help create equality

If you’ve ever been in a town hall style meeting you’ll know they can cause angst amongst people. That’s because they provide an easy environment for angry responses and group think.

So how then do you get people in a room together, allow them to have their say or get something off their chest, hold a civilised conversation and gain useful feedback and data? 

Articulous has used live polling successfully to get the tough questions out of the way, give people an opportunity to have a say, and enable them to voice their concerns up front and anonymously.

Live polling can be used to create a sense of inclusion. Where you can move beyond the loud voices and give quieter voices a say. 

What else is it good for?

But it goes beyond this. The facilitator can present thought provoking questions to an audience. They can respond to the questions and see group results in real time.

This sets the scene for discussion on the topics at hand, often in small working groups or tables.

And who doesn’t love digital interaction? We’ve had people aged in their teens to over 90 participate.

Live polling is versatile and efficient.

There are many types of questions you can ask including multiple choice, open ended and ranking. And you can collect real data quickly and easily to report on the outcomes of your forum or workshop.

So if you’re thinking about live polling, go for it!

Here’s why – it:


  • instantly helps people see how much a group of people agree or disagree on an issue
  • can give participants an appreciation of all view points.
  • ensures everyone is heard, not just those willing to voice their opinions and ideas
  • presents the data as graphs and word clouds in real time so that the participants can more easily make sense of the data
  • ensures anonymity – all responses are anonymous so participants can provide more honest responses 
  • Brings a level of professionalism and sophistication to an event.

We’re highly experienced facilitators across the board, in person and online – we’d love to talk to you about your facilitation needs.