Always expect the unexpected.

No, it will never happen to me.  We never do anything wrong. Everything will be fine. No need to expect the unexpected.

These are the common complacencies that many organisations have. And rightly so, the majority of decent, hardworking, ethical and have the right processes in place and do everything by the book. 

But what happens when the unexpected happens?

When something comes flying out at you from left of field. Something that catches you completely off guard.

These are the things that, if not contained, can send organisations into a downward spiral, unable to regain momentum, scrambling to contain the damage.    

From an unfortunate workplace incident, a staff related drama or an industry caused issue, unexpected events can cripple organisations when they least expect it having long lasting and often devastating impacts. 

What may seem unnecessary today, could be critical tomorrow. 

Articulous has worked with senior businesses and government departments across Australia to develop extensive crisis management plans.

Covering reporting chains of commands, scenario modelling and development of key issues and response registers, our work in helping organisations prepare for the unexpected have provided clients with an additional level of safety and security during times of crisis.  

Whilst it is easy to say it will never happen to me, nobody wants to be the one in the wrong headlines.  

To find out more about how Articulous can help prepare for the unexpected please contact us today. 

Written by Luke Myers
Working for global companies, pioneering entrepreneurs and responsible businesses, Luke delivers fully integrated communications and engagement strategies that inspire audiences.