Being Heard in a Crowded Market

Every day, 55 million status updates are made on Facebook, 500 million tweets are sent, and daily newspaper chiefs-of-staff receive 500 media releases.

We are bombarded with information. Texts, Facebook feeds, tweets, Instagrams, blogs, LinkedIn updates and emails. Yes, hundreds of emails every day. And they never stop.

Being heard has never been harder.

Cutting through can be done many ways:

  • Clever content – and a mixture of content, from visual, to interactive to thought-provoking, to insightful
  • Distribution – distribute on owned, earned and paid-for distribution channels. But the better the content, the easier it will be
  • Think in campaigns – target, measures and have start and finish dates
  • Creative Once Publish Everywhere – Use the COPE strategy to get multiple benefits from one item
  • Have an opinion – If you don’t have anything to say, no one is going to listen
  • Collaborate – work with aligned organisations for a united approach or to share and like content
  • Make Time your Friend and Not Your Enemy – post content when people want to read it. That doesn’t mean 9 – 5 when it might suit
  • Be Generous – give freely of your idea (but not all of them)