What we learned from engaging with 150,000 people

We never dreamed we’d engage with 150,000 people. Or that we would learn so much about what our communities really want, and really think.

We hope you’ll also learn something insightful from this series. We learned that:

  1. Change is not always scary
  2. The community really cares about the environment
  3. Data and tech tools are our friend!
  4. Creativity in engagement is critical
  5. Trust in engagement is even more critical!
  6. Engagement must be meaningful if it is to be successful
  7. Challenges happen every day
  8. Action – especially the right action – builds success
  9. Age isn’t a factor – and young people want to be involved!
  10. Is this the biggest change in engagement? Community-led engagement.

Enjoy the series, and please share your insights with us on any of the posts.


Written by Amanda Newbery
Articulous is led by founder and managing director Amanda Newbery, an award-winning communications and engagement professional. She has made a career of tackling difficult projects across Australia. A passionate and experienced communicator, she has worked with some of the country’s largest organisations and government organisations nationally. She is a sought-after issues and crisis advisor, especially for major corporations.