Welcome to 2021

After a highly unusual 2020, our blog is back.

During 2020, we focused on a few things that kept our attention away from blogging, notably working in COVID, home schooling, and making sure we had some time and space to take care of our families and mental health. We launched our online training academy, delivered both face-to-face and online engagement projects, and engaged with traditionally “hard to reach” community members including those with a disability, youth, and carers. It was inspiring and exciting to see incredible results.

So what will we be posting during 2021?

  • Updates on what’s new in community and stakeholder engagement
  • Sharing ideas on the importance of diversity and inclusion
  • Lessons in engaging digitally
  • Sharing some more basic pieces on definitions because we know that’s what some people are looking for
  • Tips for different engagement methods
  • Resilience for community engagement professionals
  • And blogs on specific industries including health, mental health, infrastructure, disaster recovery, planning matters, and economic development.

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