Wayne Bennett, Cage Eggs and Julia Gillard

Amanda Newbery regularly contributes to Steve Austin’s expert panel on The Hidden Persuaders on ABC 612 to discuss advertising and how it shapes our lives.

On September 23 Amanda joined Allan Bonsall of lookinglass.com.au, Michael Crutcher of 55 Comms. They discussed:

  • Wayne Bennett’s return to the Broncos – the return of “Brand Bennett” will attract more corporate dollars but will it improve their results on the field?
  • Cage-free eggs in fast food chains – why are Subway joining Macdonald’s in using cage-free eggs?
  • Political memoirs – on the eve of the release of Julia Gillard’s story, the panel discusses the rash of Australian political memoirs being released in 2014. Which one has been the juiciest?
  • Public Citizenship – governments across Australia are actively encouraging the community to participate more in solving social and economic problems.