Community Engagement Word of the Month: Evengagealist

“Evengagealist”. Definition: the evangelist of the community engagement profession.

You’ll recognise the Evengagealist by their empassioned belief that we should engage the community about everything, all the time, and almost always by empowering the community.

You know the type, so blinded by engagement they believe it holds the answer to all evils. They stand before large crowds and proclaim engagement has performed miracles.

And though you might easily be swept along by their passionate performances, stop and assess calmly.

 Engagement is not always the right way to go.

Sometimes decisions have to be made, and sometimes the engagement that’s been done before tells us enough.

Sometimes communities don’t want to be engaged.

And other times, we need to get back to basics by focusing on rebuilding our relationships first through talking with the community, attending community events and inviting the public to be part of other activities.

But, the Evengagealist will argue convincingly you should always engage.

And they may be right.

But first ask yourself, are you doing it because they want to? Or because it appeals to the Evengagealist’s ego?

Or are you doing it because it’s right for the community?

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