Ten ways to engage with young people

If you want fresh thinking and innovation, then you need to engage with young people.

We’ve run Australia’s first youth summit on climate change initiated by a Council, and engaged thousands of students through travelling shows, and ran a curated film competition. We’ve even developed games and apps to engage with young people. There’s nothing more uplifting!

Here’s our top 10 tips to engage young people

  1. Get digital
  2. Jump into FB, YouTube and Insta
  3. Gamify it
  4. Get active. Get to the sports fields, the schools, the movies, and the uni halls
  5. Change your tone. It’s ok to drop the earnest tone. You can still be serious with a joke.
  6. Publish more frequently with fewer words
  7. Make it fun.
  8. Don’t talk down or patronise. And ask a young person to watch you to make sure you don’t accidentally slip into grumpy-old-person-mode.
  9. Find your funny bone. Seriously.
  10. Get a scooter – ok that’s not some new engagement technique. That’s humour to check if you got number 9!

Want to discuss how to engage young people for your project? Contact us at info@articulous.com.au

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