Public Relations v Advertising + EMMA + Ads on TV

Amanda Newbery is a regular guest expert on the Hidden Persuaders with Steve Austin on ABC612 to discuss advertising, marketing, the media and how it shapes our lives.

Allan Bonsall the Principal of, and Dr John Harrison, University of Queensland made up the panel which discussed:

  • Public Relations vs Advertising – is public relations more believable than advertising?
  • Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA) – a new system of counting readership, invented by the newspaper industry, counts digital readership but is it more accurate than the old system?
  • Advertising time on television – TV channels are trying to increase advertising to 20 minutes every hour, which will be the highest in the world. Will viewers support it, or turn off?
  • Qld Department of Education’s Creep Quiz – is this an effective online safety program?
  • Foreign Correspondents – we don’t consider the risks to journalists working in war zones.