The Future of Newspapers, The Qld Police Union, Media Apologies, and more

Amanda Newbery is a regular guest panelist on Steve Austin’s The Hidden Persuaders on ABC 612 where they critique advertising, marketing and the media, and how it shapes our lives.

On September 23 Amanda joined Allan Bonsall of, Michael Crutcher of 55 Comms. Today’s topics were:
The future of newspapers – the future of journalism is bright but newsrooms are hard to fund when people read their news online.
Social media –Hong Kong demonstrators and tourists in Japan give a real sense of how it feels to be there. Does this make the written news/reported word less relevant?
Queensland Police – when we’re fearful of our own safety, seeing a positive police presence such as the national Police Remembrance Day is reassuring. But is the Police Union too powerful?
Media apologies – how accountable should the media be when they wrongly identify people?