Canadia + Broadsheet Newspapers + Bacon: The New ‘Super’ Food

Amanda Newbery is a regular guest expert on the Hidden Persuaders with Steve Austin on ABC612 to discuss advertising, marketing, the media and how it shapes our lives.

Allan Bonsall the Principal of, and Dr John Harrison, University of Queensland made up the panel which discussed:

Tony Abbott’s “Canadia” slip – how and why political mistakes go viral, and how social media’s anonymity influences the conversation.

Broadsheet newspapers – is the physical size of the newspaper an indicator of quality and credibility of the reporting, and how does online formatting affect the reader experience?

One in ten Australians think bacon is a ‘super’ food – and one in three need chocolate every day, according to Freedom Foods’ Good Food Karma Index of Australia.

The Big Two Supermarkets levy – they’re charging their suppliers an extra levy to fund in-store promotions, and consumers aren’t aware how much it damages farmers.

Listen in Here: