Communicating major change

It is a fine line between engaging the troops and spooking the horses when your organisation is faced with significant change. I have been involved in a number of transitions, mergers and acquisitions and it really can be a scary time for teams. Maintaining a positive organisational culture is key to change success. So how much is too much information? What is important to those working in the team versus the executive management who are managing the change?

A great way to gauge this is by creating a two way dialogue early. A transparent approach led by the executive really can make all the difference.

A few other tips to ensure change communication success:

  1. Communicate early and often – if you anticipate that a team will be impacted ensure they know what is coming in advance
  2. Share the process not the detail – allowing teams to better understand the quantum of effort in the change management process will create shared understanding and manage internal expectations – put yourself in the team’s position.
  3. Always take time to brainstorm the consequence of a change action – you may be surprised at just how many stakeholders and teams this could affect operationally.
  4. Create a safe environment for questions – opening up to questions allows fear of change to be tempered.
  5. Be creative in the ways you communicate – an email from a CEO or senior executive is great but think about a multi-platform approach that is creative, engaging and also inter-generational.