Substance over slogans

When you think about some of the great marketing campaigns in the world, you think about the slogan and the catchy jingle.

You know the ones – they give you ear worm when you turn on the TV or radio.

Undeniably these slogans are great for the products they promote.  Put simply, they work and if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be used.

But in too many instances these days we are seeing companies and brands using slogans and jingles to coerce people into making tough decisions.

Slogans and jingles work best when you are asking the audience to make a simple decision – like choosing Coke or Pepsi – or Maccas versus Hungry Jacks. Decisions that are not likely to have a long-term impact on society or life.

Where the use of slogans and jingles don’t work – is when you are using them to influence people towards a decision with consequence and they are not backed up by substance.

When communicating to your target audience it’s important to understand who you are talking to and what is your goal.

If you are trying to influence people and secure their support for a project or campaign – you have to clearly articulate your objectives and offer information of substance.

At Articulous we pride ourselves in helping our clients communicate their messages clearly and simply.

We don’t mind a slogan or a jingle – but we ensure any programs, campaigns or strategies that we develop are always backed up with substance.

Written by Luke Myers
Working for global companies, pioneering entrepreneurs and responsible businesses, Luke delivers fully integrated communications and engagement strategies that inspire audiences.