The challenge

You know the signs.

It’s getting harder to compete. Your organisation, or city or region, feels like it’s stuck.

No new ideas ever surface, and if they do, they never come to fruition.

Your customers or community are either bored, disinterested, or worse, they’re walking away.

And while you’re stalled, your competitors are changing and adapting.

We’re reveal secrets, but we can tell you it’s a very common scenario facing our clients.

Our action

Based on several years of working in innovation including policy and program development for Advance Queensland, we’ve developed a range of different approaches including:

  • Innovation challenges
  • Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to plan for a new future
  • Design thinking to develop new products and services
  • Ideation sessions
  • Developing new software solutions to inspire innovation

The outcome

We’re actively working in:

  • Smart cities – benchmarking community and industry awareness and aspirations
  • Regional innovation programs – harnessing regional will and shaping that into action
  • Organisational reform – cultural and practical innovation programs that enable staff to define the right problems to solve, and then move from ideation to creation and adoption of new solutions
  • New technology – from ICT companies through to traditional companies trying to adapt to a digital world.
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