Queensland Health – COVID-19 Crisis Messaging

The Challenge  

The 2020 outbreak of COVID-19 created intense demands on Queensland Health to communicate rapidly with staff, clinicians, the community and key stakeholders essential to delivering public safety messages and enforcing the CHO directives. 

Articulous was appointed for three months to support the Office of the Director-General and the CHO. Amanda Newbery was then appointed in June 2020 to work with the Executive Leadership team (DDGs, Clinical Heads, and representative HHS Chairs and CEs) to the review the COVID-19 communication and engagement to date, and to work with the executive to identify and agree any necessary improvements. 

The Outcome

Articulous worked alongside the ODG team to develop public information relating to COVID-19 health directives for the general public and key stakeholder groups as part of lockdown requirements from March 2020.  

This included translating technical legislative information and designing public information including fact sheets, Q&As, web copy and information for stakeholders for the public, the health sector and other stakeholders. 

Mask Up Poster for QLD Health COVID