Queensland Ombudsman – Good Decisions

Articulous was engaged by the Queensland Ombudsman to apply our expertise in communications, animation and design to script and develop a video series. The aim was to produce content that could be used to induct new staff and educate the general public on making good decisions and handling complaints.   

Although the main aim of the content was to inform, that could not be effectively achieved without presenting something that was engaging. Working closely with the department, we created 3 hypothetical scenarios where everyday people were presented with the option to make either a good or bad decision, and what the consequences of that choice would be.   

By using this approach we were able to present a series that educated our audience in a way that was both engaging and relevant, encouraging them to apply a more critical approach next time they’re facing a tricky scenario or ethical dilemma in the workplace.  

Queensland Ombudsman approched Articulous to develop a new series of videos in October 2022, based on the success of the Good Decisions video series.