Fiteni Homes – Woodbury

Articulous was engaged by Fiteni Homes, a long-standing builder in the Redlands community to develop and deliver an ‘out-of-the-box’ stakeholder engagement program that allowed the community to co-design their 80 hectare Woodbury project, located at Victoria Point.

With concerns in the local community that they were ‘shut-out’ of the decision making process,  Articulous created a targeted program that focussed on giving a voice to families, teenagers and children, as well as those in the immediate surrounding suburbs who would most benefit of be impacted by the proposed community.

Based on the aspiration that Woodbury would act as a catalyst for social, demographic and economic renewal for the Redlands, the engagement program brand and messaging adopted a nostalgic approach that asked the community to reflect on what they enjoyed about their childhood, inviting them to be a part of creating this same opportunity for future generations of Redlanders.

Extensive promotion of the engagement program was used to maximise community awareness and participation with approximately 545,000 points of contact achieved throughout the intensive two-month consultation.

The Woodbury Community Engagement process exceeded all expectations providing the largest levels of engagement recorded by either Council or a private development proponent within the Redlands.

It generated considerable support from both Council and the community and showed how effective engagement can bring a community along for the journey where historically they have been uncomfortable with change.

The Woodbury Community Engagement project was recognised as a finalist in the UDIA Queensland Awards and received a commendation in the Planning Institute of Australia Queensland Division Awards.