Not everyone has a Marketing Budget to match Star Wars, but you can still make an Impact

As Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues to topple box office records, I can’t help but imagine what’s going on behind the scenes to market this juggernaut.

Capturing the world’s imagination is no easy feat, but it’s apparent that clever marketing, merchandise and a budget to match can draw a serious crowd. Not everyone has a marketing budget the size of a small country’s GDP, but luckily for us it takes more than money to captivate people’s imagination and drive success.

The success of Star Wars hinges off the original trilogy which was exciting, unique, well-scripted, brilliantly filmed, witty and creative. The marketing capabilities in those days were a fraction of what they are today, and yet it succeeded as a venture due its unique set of elements.

Businesses too can capture attention and attract customers with their unique elements, without a sizeable marketing budget. Some areas to focus on include:

  • Being unique – be the only business of your kind, or the best at what you do.
  • Focusing on customer service – give people a reason to keep coming back.
  • Creating a great culture – happy staff give great service.
  • Showing personality – put people at the forefront and make communication a priority.
  • Being creative – use inexpensive marketing techniques such as social media to drive campaigns.
  • Adapting and being flexible – keep up to date with customer expectations.
  • Being forward thinking – keep ahead of competitors by being innovative and being the first to implement something.