Next Generation Leaders

The 1990s spawned an industry of leadership coaches, focused to a large part on how to build leaders who could build a vision and then share that vision with staff.
But in 2015, that type of leadership coaching is only one way.
Today, we’re starting to see the emergence of the Collaborative Leader.
What’s the difference?
The Traditional Leader
  • Creates a vision
  • Is expected to have all the answers
  • Builds a team, but is clearly the leader
  • Leads from the front
The Collaborative Leader
  • Builds a vision that comes from staff, industry and customer input
  • Expects to NOT have all the answers, and seeks answers from those with expertise
  • Builds a team that is interchangeable where sometimes it consists of peers and executive managers, and other times, frontline staff are sitting at the table
  • Leads from the front, alongside, and sometimes in the background