Gain deeper insights with stakeholder interviews

Stakeholder interviews are an effective way to gather rich data from your stakeholders using open ended questions.

On the IAP2 engagement spectrum they are at the consult level: to obtain public feedback on analysis, alternatives and/or decisions.

The benefits of stakeholder interviews are:

  • More in-depth insights from stakeholders than an online survey or focus group
  • Answers in real time and the ability to clarify inputs from stakeholders
  • Can be done face to face or via telephone or online chat (for example Skype or Zoom)
  • Ability to target stakeholders to ensure a broad cross section of stakeholders
  • You can supplement stakeholder interviews with an online survey or vice versa.

The difference between stakeholder interviews and focus groups is that stakeholder interviews are one on one, between the interviewer and the stakeholder, and result in more in depth and unbiased information from individual stakeholders.

When planning stakeholder interviews the most important considerations are the interview questions and stakeholder selection.

Interview questions

Stakeholder interviews are usually semi-structured with a few key open-ended questions developed prior to the interview followed by additional conservational questions asked during the interview to better understand the stakeholder’s perspective, experience and knowledge.

Stakeholder selection

Aside from developing questions, it’s also important to carefully select stakeholders to interview based on criteria such as location, occupation, age, years of experience to ensure the best information is gathered to support your project.

Stakeholder interviews are more resource intensive and time consuming than an online survey or focus group but yield richer and less biased information and insights and ensure a broader cross section of stakeholders are reached.

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