Why exploring digital trends and applying intuition works

To be noticed in today’s avalanche of trends, businesses need to engage an audience within seconds.

This means cutting through by being intuitive, innovative and truly understanding the audience. Using quick communication and using engaging content is essential meaning digital strategies are now a big part of this.

We live and breathe technology. and our digital lives mean that we are constantly fed snippets of data. We can choose what matters to us therefore Businesses need to evolve to meet these changing behaviours and trends.

Snapchat is a perfect example. Its concept of shareable, fast images and videos offers a unique way for businesses to immerse customers in their brand. It’s working as customers drawn to quick, easy, targeted media. And it’s interactive and fun.

The World Wildlife Fund recently achieved notoriety for a Snapchat campaign that played on the features of Snapchat to draw attention to the plight of endangered species.

Let’s not forget about Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), hot topics in digital trends right now. Creative people in a variety of industries are realising their true potential.

It’s now possible to take a 360-immersive tour of the White House with Barack Obama.

Visualisation is powerful, it plays to our emotions and above all, takes us on a journey. Articulous is constantly exploring new ways to immerse people visually, and engage with them to gather rich information from their experience, as well as aligning with current digital trends.

Intuitive thinking allows us to pull concepts together and do things in ways no one has done before.

We recently developed a unique concept around digital engagement using an existing social platform, but reshaping it to fit the client’s and stakeholders’ needs. The tool allowed people to read other’s messages, form their own opinions, leave a comment, and see the impact of their feedback.

In short, consumers are constantly following trends and finding new ways to communicate with others. It makes sense that businesses pursue these same digital avenues to meet consumer expectations and to make an impact.