Engagement: Building an Ecosystem so your Community can Thrive

We have been fortunate of late to be involved in some exciting projects to help shape government policy. Much of this work has centred on gaining expertise from key growth sectors such as the ICT space to help governments create policies that empowers entrepreneurs to thrive and grow within Australia and close to home.

Without trying to sound too much like a nerd, it is truly exciting stuff! However the part that has inspired me is the potential for what our skills in engagement can bring to the table.

A number of academic studies conducted around the globe have concluded that the most effective method to build new industries is to create a space for entrepreneurial leaders to build an ecosystem that encourages and supports creative thinking. For many governments this can be a confronting proposition as it challenges the notion that government intervention is generally needed to build industry. This is where engagement practice has been able to help bridge that gap. Utilising our examples from other sectors we are able to help create protocols and practices to bring these concepts into reality and give a framework for effective engagement.

It is early days and we can’t wait to give a full report, but for me it is yet another example of how effective engagement can be in helping citizens and governments work together to help determine our future.