Eight Signs You Need to Declutter Your Business’ Communication Processes

Just as our personal lives need decluttering, so too do our businesses. And it’s not just decluttering our desks.

Increasingly our internal and external communications are being bogged down in unnecessary systems and processes. Processes that are outdated but we that cling to out of misguided loyalty or organisational hoarding.

 The result?

They slow us down. They complicate the way we communicate. They stand in the way of true innovation.

 You may need to declutter your business’ communication processes if:

1. It takes days or weeks to get something simple approved rather than hours.

2. You have multiple databases that aren’t connected and are full of duplications.

3. Your communications strategy cannot be simplified into a one paper.

4. Your days are filled with meetings with no outcomes.

5. You have pages and pages of key messages but nothing really hits the spot.

6. Over the years you’ve increased your communication spend or efforts but you’re still facing the same problems connecting with your stakeholders.

7. Your staff only email. They avoid phone calls and face-to-face discussions.

8. Or like one organisation I know, you factor in 12 weeks for approving a newsletter.

If you experience half of these symptoms, use the slower months of December, January and February to audit and simplify your communication systems.