Community engagement innovation

Articulous developed the country’s first augmented reality app for a planning scheme. It won awards, and four years later this innovation still excites people.

Fast forward, and we’ve since created the country’s first values-mapping computer-generated avatar, developed the world’s first complex engagement training program, and developed AR, VR and immersive panoramas.

And yes, we still use sticky notes and the occasional butchers paper. But let’s be honest, sticky notes are not that inspiring.

The future of engagement

Articulous believes in R&D. We embrace creativity in both strategy and execution. So if you’re bored with what you’re doing, here’s some inspiration from our team’s cutting edge work.

  • Crowdsource your answers – there are plenty of platforms, or use your own with an incentive
  • Map your ideas digitally – don’t just think GIS mapping, think visual mapping
  • Create an immersive experience – don’t just describe it, let people explore it
  • Get communities to manage engagement data collection – train them, trust them and build a network effect
  • Create an innovation challenge and incentivise it – communities are clever if you set a clever problem and get them to compete
  • Get community members to pitch their ideas not just talk about problems – switch your approach from issues to ideas
  • Use chat bots – you’ll have to think logically and about consequence
  • Build an app that helps people explore a problem – we’ve built a fully interactive spinning cube <insert link to showcase it>
  • Create a decision-making app that puts the community and stakeholders in the hot seat
  • Use open data 
  • Use data analysis to find insights and identify trends
  • And of course, use AR, VR and avatars

Why spent the time to innovate? Because engagement needs to keep pace with the community and reach people in a way that will inspire them to get engaged.

If none of this made much sense, don’t worry. We’ll be running a Leadership Forum to update project leaders, organisational leaders and engagement leaders on the biggest trends in engagement. Contact us to attend an upcoming Leadership Forum.<insert link>