Can Business Executives catch the Digital Wave at 50-something?

He’s 23. Has a beard, and his jeans are a little too tight.

You ask him to create a new social media campaign.

And he rolls his eyes. Yes, rolls his eyes.

You both know, you have no idea what you’re asking for.

Don’t let his millennial disdain stop you. Social media is just another communication channel. With its own pros and cons, different measurements, different tone of voice and a whole new way of connecting.

But at the heart of it is good communication. It’s a bit like the shift from radio to TV, TV to cable, snail mail to email.

Catching the digital wave is possible even if you’re a 50-something or 60-something executive. If you’re not a digital native, then you can become a digital immigrant by:

  • Getting social – test drive social media in your personal life first
  • Read up – even if you’re reading traditional media about social media, it’s a start
  • Ask your staff to give you briefing papers – you’re the boss, so ask for help
  • Get help – get training in how to use social media

Over the past year, we’ve been approached by a number of successful, senior business managers, leaders and business owners who feel like they’ve been left behind. That’s why we’ve created a new training packaged tailored for business executives. Hands-on, the course equips business leaders with the skills to use social media from day one, and to be able to meaningfully and insightfully manage their staff in a digital world.

It’s delivered by senior people – so you won’t get the eye rolls – who understand business drivers and how to use social media for tangible outcomes. It’s designed for business leaders and delivered by people experienced in working with business.

Digital and Social Media Simplified for Business Leaders: