Articulous celebrates Indigenous Business Month  

Indigenous Business Month calls on First Nations business owners and their non-Indigenous allies to gather online and in the community, to look at how their actions impact on the future of First Nations people. 

The annual event promotes and recognises the achievements of Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs. It aims to raise awareness of the importance of supporting Indigenous-run businesses and creating economic opportunities in Indigenous communities.  

It’s a great initiative to highlight the contributions and success stories of Indigenous business owners.  

This year’s theme is TO GATHER, TOGETHER, to inspire the next generation of First Nations business leaders. 

The history of Indigenous Business Month

In previous years, Indigenous Business Month has focused on highlighting the achievements and promoting the growth of Indigenous businesses across various sectors. It has included events and activities like networking sessions, workshops, seminars and panel discussions led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs and business experts. 

The month aims to raise awareness about how Indigenous businesses contribute to the economy, provide positive role models for Indigenous Australians and provide opportunities for networking, collaboration and development.  

It focuses on the need for economic self-determination and the positive impact entrepreneurship can have on First Nations communities. 

Since its establishment in 2015, Indigenous Business Month has showcased various success stories and inspiring case studies of successful entrepreneurs to inspire others to pursue their business dreams. The month’s activities emphasise the significance of cultural identity, heritage and values in Indigenous businesses and promote the benefits of blending traditional knowledge with contemporary business practices. 

Our work with First Nations communities

Articulous Communications recognises, supports and encourages Indigenous self-determination. Over several years, we have been involved in supporting Indigenous communities in a range of projects including:

  • CSIRO Stakeholder Mapping:
    • Investigating cultural indicators of drought resilience
    • Promoting recognition of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) held by First Nations people
  • Dunwich (Goompi) Masterplan:
    • Supporting the economic transition of North Stradbroke Island/Minjerribah from sand mining to tourism
    • Conducting community engagement with 269 people, 50% of which identified as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
    • Hosting targeted surveys and engagement activities to capture the perspectives of Traditional Owners
  • Yalingbila Bibula (Point Lookout Whale Interpretive Centre) Collateral and Brand Development:
    • Engaging community members to improve understandings of the project and knowledge of the Aboriginal culture of language
    • Commissioning artwork designed by a local Quandamooka artist to visually capture the significance of the area
  • Griffith University Research:
    • Assessing priorities for water security for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in remote communities

This year, Articulous will be contributing to business development and training through a series of workshops aimed at assisting First Nations communities to plan ahead to disaster-proof their communities and businesses.  

Our Managing Director, Amanda Newbery, firmly believes the training and resources will provide valuable skills and knowledge to help Indigenous communities thrive and will help strengthen local economies. 

“We hope it will also open up networking and collaboration opportunities between business-owners and relevant government agencies – including Tourism – fostering partnerships which could lead to mutually beneficial outcomes,” she said. 

“This work has the potential an contribute to empowerment of First Nations attendees, improving the overall well-being of the community.”