5 tips to Communicating on a Shoestring

It’s budget time, you’ve crunched the figures and realised there is not much in the pot for communication, marketing or PR activities. You’ve got a strategy to roll out, plans in the wings, and targets to meet, and very little money. While communications sometimes takes a backseat, if you follow these 5 sure-fire tips you can avoid a communication meltdown.

  1. Cut out the ‘wish list’ of communication tactics. You may have grand plans for redesigning your website to be the latest in award winning designs, but this is a costly exercise. Instead use your content writing skills to give the website the written edge. Delete unnecessary information and write blogs or articles to keep your website dynamic and interesting. Start with the small wins and build up from there.
  1. Don’t waste time on unnecessary social media activity. Always have a purpose with campaigns – if you can’t identify a reason or desired outcome, it probably isn’t worth posting. Use automated tools to keep abreast of campaigns and keep track of activity. Don’t forget to report your findings to show the true value of what you are doing.
  1. Shunt the printed materials – They are costly and might not be the most effective way to get your message across. It can be tempting to have a glossy brochure, printed newsletter or fridge magnet, but do they really add to your strategy? Make the most of your online tools such as e-newsletters, blogs, and electronic communication.
  1. Use PR to your advantage, write media releases and punch out interesting stories about your business that will get noticed. Not everything is newsworthy, but if your organisation has something to say that stands out from the crowd, it might get you valuable exposure.
  1. Get your executive team to talk, write and do whatever it takes to drive the organisation’s reputation as a leader. Update online profiles, get them involved in speaking opportunities and networking events, organise small stakeholder gatherings where information can flow freely and people feel connected to the business.