5 Reasons We Should Embrace Teamwork

In my university days the dreaded ‘teamwork’ used to send shivers down my spine. I knew full well it would usually involve 50 percent of the group actually doing the work, and the rest sitting idly waiting for the assessment to roll in.

Luckily throughout my career my attitude has changed. In fact, I now love working in a team. Most of the teams I’ve worked with have consisted of highly motivated, energetic and capable people.

By embracing teamwork in the workplace people operate more effectively, achieve more, and gain a greater sense of satisfaction.

5 reasons we should embrace teamwork include:

  1. Teamwork creates a sense of ownership – there is pride in doing it for the team
  2. Teams are a wonderful source of ideas – several minds are often better than one
  3. Many hands make light work – great things can be achieved at a faster rate
  4. The results are sweet – sharing a victory with other people is much more fun
  5. You can stand out for all the right reasons – by performing brilliantly, others in your team will want to keep working with you.