Talk is not cheap

For many years’ opinion polls have been used as the go-to tool to understand community attitudes and trends. But as we are increasingly seeing across the globe, the polls don’t always get it right.

With a proliferation of opinion polls in the market, all of us have been seduced into a level of complacency that what the pollsters say is what the people think.

But what we now know is it isn’t. From Brexit, to Trump to the Australian election results, opinion polls have shown they don’t always get it right, leading many to suggest you can get a poll to report on the outcome you want.

As more and more people are polled online and over the phone, the public are becoming increasingly sceptical of pollsters and often ‘game’ their responses providing conflicting answers or refusing to reveal what they really think.

So how can we find out what the people really want? Well it goes back to the basics and having real conversations with the people that matter.

What we know is people are more likely to give an honest response if they are talking to someone face-to-face, if they are asked questions based on their feedback, if they are believe they are actually being listened to and are being afforded the chance to have their say.

Articulous has worked with governments and businesses across Australia and New Zealand to help them better understand what the community believes. From hosting face-to-face briefings, town halls, focus groups and community conversations, we have been able to better understand attitudes and drivers, providing clear and accurate advice to clients.

At Articulous, we know talk isn’t cheap.

To find out more about how you can have conversations with your clients or community please contact us today.

Written by Luke Myers
Working for global companies, pioneering entrepreneurs and responsible businesses, Luke delivers fully integrated communications and engagement strategies that inspire audiences.