2016: A Year of Digital Catch Up

Greater integration of big data with big campaigning at the micro level – with access to more information about what and where our customers are engaging, we can increasingly target our messages and campaigns. Lower costs for data and visual communication will enable big campaigns to be waged at a more micro level.

Videos with Better Story Telling– Twitter and Facebook have lead the way, and now everyone wants to communicate via video. In 2016 we’ll continue to see the love affair with video, but smart operators know that clicking on a video can take longer to get detailed information across, especially to business audiences. Video is magic, especially for consumers, and when it’s done well. So this year, we’ll see better video messaging, not just more.

Interactive Everything – if you can see it, you should be able to click on it. Interactive maps, interactive graphs, interactive videos and interactive 3D animations and augmented reality. It’s all possible, and it’s the stuff that’s really sticky. Your customers and community members will stay longer if you make it truly interesting. Watch this space as we’re doing some incredible things with long-range forecasting in several locations across Australia.

New Tools for Old Tasks – the process of analysis and production of the low-end type of work is getting simpler and cheaper. Media clipping services, file organising, issues logging and ideas mapping is easier now and lowering the cost for our customers.

Innovation – Lead by the Queensland and Federal Governments, the investment in developing an innovation culture and economy will change who and how we communicate. For some of our clients, our work is targeting customer communities of interest not location. Which means communications consultancies need to understand global markets and trends.