Why Small Business Should Spend Big on Communication

When you can buy a logo for $9, and a full suite of branding materials for $150, the market is telling business that logos and visual branding has little value. It’s no more than a commodity. The key then for business is to add value to logos and visual branding. That value comes from communication which transforms a logo and brand into reality.

Communications strategies provide businesses with:

  1. The Company Narrative – what the company is, why it exists, how it adds value, and how it connects with customers and community. We call it “your story”.
  1. Getting Your Message Right When it’s Technical, Complicated or Downright Boring to Others – translating information so everyone else understands what you already know, and maybe even identifying treasures of information you don’t even recognize as exciting.
  1. How to Speak to Customers – what’s the tone of voice, what’s the best language, what messages authentically explain what’s most important to you? It might be clear in the heads of management, but can be diluted once it gets to the frontline.
  1. How to Bring Staff Along on the Journey – unveiling a logo or a new marketing strategy is great, but it simply won’t work if staff aren’t aware and engaged. That’s the sweet spot for communications professionals.
  1. Grab the Attention of Target Audiences through Tactical and Creative Ways – a logo and a brand is not enough. Be it social media, a video or animation, a photo campaign, media attention or the most engaging content produced in your category, that’s the domain of communication. We love the creativity and we thrive on the detailed execution.
  1. The Public Taste Test – it’s a hybrid of risk mitigation, straight shooting and plain common sense provided by communications professionals that keeps companies out of trouble.
  1. Being Positive in a Negative World – for driven business leaders, it’s often difficult to switch gears and put your best foot forward. That’s what communications professionals love – bringing out your best.

Advice and insight that gets to the heart of your company and your customers can’t be bought off the shelf. The templates for a communication plan can, but the content and the creativity can’t.