Why Do We Get So Confused When We Talk About Online?

As soon as we mention anything to do with an online strategy as a solution for an engagement or communications challenge three things can happen:

  1. Everything goes smoothly and the client ‘gets’ why an online solution will play a key role in solving their challenges
  2. The client gets way too excited about the ‘online’ component and locks in all of the bells and whistles without really thinking about their challenge
  3. The client runs away from an online solution out of misunderstanding about potential costs and risks.

So, my question is why? This whole internet thing in the scheme of everything is pretty new, but when business moves so quickly and we have had the best part of twenty years to adapt to the web as a business tool, why does the internet inhibit our rational thinking?

My golden rule when using an online solution is the same as any offline one. The same rules apply – it comes down to audience, purpose and execution. The internet opens up communications and engagement professionals alike to a world of opportunity. We should embrace its potential but not get too carried away with the shiny lights.