Shark Control Program Crisis Framework

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries engaged Articulous to develop the Shark Control Program Crisis Framework and deliver two crisis exercises to test the toolkit with agencies, emergency services and other key stakeholders.  

The framework provides an internal guide for the Shark Control Program to prepare for, respond to and recover from potential crises. It outlines the roles, responsibilities and operational and communication actions to respond to nine incident scenarios as well as crisis media protocols, key messages and communication templates for these scenarios. 


  • Develop a crisis framework that all relevant organisations can access as required 
  • Minimise risk to operations and communication responses by ensuring everyone has access to the same information in a timely manner to enable a rapid response. 
  • Ensure stakeholders can provide input 
  • Work with the Shark Control Program team to streamline response processes, key messages and communications materials. 
  • Enable the process to be industry led. 


The framework has been used repeatedly since it was developed in mid 2020, allowing the program to streamline its processes and response times to shark bites, marine animal release and shark equipment scenarios.