Queenslanders: The State of Health

Queenslanders: The State of Health

As our attention turns to State of Origin this week, the team and I have stopped to recognise the many amazing wins that the State of Queensland has championed. Our discussion sharply focused to what we do better than NSW. Quickly and due to recent work our team has been involved in, the topic turned to the health of Queenslanders.

I am sure I am not on my own when I say that I enjoy attending events, live sport and when discussing health in our State it is hard to avoid the subject of smoking. In this arena not only are we beating NSW but the State of Queensland has managed to lead the way. This made me reflect on the interstate travel I do for work and how grateful I am to return home.

Just like a great game of NRL, Queensland Health and specifically Preventive Health is committed to continuing to deliver health services aligned to our Queensland community values:

  • sustainability
  • compassion
  • inclusion
  • excellence
  • empowerment

(My Health, Queensland’s future: Advancing health 2026)

Changing the hearts and minds of all of our citizens has not been easy but there is proof in the pudding that Queensland policy and legislation has the power to change lives. In 2016 Health Minister Cameron Dick said it was about changing attitudes.

“We’ve gone from 30 per cent of people smoking daily 15 years ago down to 12 per cent,” (Hon Cameron Dick MP, ABC News September 2016).

I am spoilt to be living in our great State where these laws are a breath of fresh air for Queensland. Need I say again that we are beating NSW. I would not be anywhere else.

No matter the result tomorrow night. Go Queensland!!

Written by Courtney Brown – Project Manager